Fixtech Fix15 Adhesive Sealant 290mL Cartridge Black (MSP15): High-Performance Single Component Joint Sealant

Versatile and Strong Adhesive for Construction, Automotive, Marine, and Aerospace Industries

Fixseal MSP15 emerges as a premium quality, single-component joint sealant, distinguished by its exceptional adhesive strength. Formulated with MS Polymer®, this chemically neutral and fully elastic sealant delivers superior primerless bonding, making it ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • High Bond Strength: Securely bonds a wide range of substrates, ensuring durability and reliability in high-stress environments.
  • Non-Yellowing White and Colourfast Black: Maintains aesthetic integrity with a non-yellowing formulation, available in both white and black colors.
  • Flexible and Resilient: Offers up to 20% movement accommodation, functioning as a flexible elastic rubber for dynamic applications.
  • Environmentally and Health Friendly: Assessed under NOHSC Australia criteria as non-toxic (Certificate No.2146), and free from isocyanates, solvents, halogens, and acids.
  • UV Resistant: Exhibits excellent UV resistance, maintaining performance and appearance in various environmental conditions.
  • Easy Application: Simple to tool, finish, and extrude, enhancing work efficiency with primerless adhesion (note: not for capillary water pressure areas).


Designed for sealing and bonding in high-traffic areas, Fixseal MSP15 is a versatile solution perfect for floor and low movement wall joints. It extends its utility to bonding and sealing a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, stainless, PVC, fiberglass, concrete, composites, glass, timber, mirrors, polystyrene, rubber, and PU foam. Its capabilities are especially noteworthy in the context of RV repairs and modifications, where it can effectively bond ABS brackets to RV roofs. 

In addition to these applications, Fixseal MSP15 is also ideal for connection joints in sheet metal fabrication, and for sealing and bonding in various vehicles, boats, commercial ferries and ships, buses, aircraft, and in both domestic and commercial construction contexts.

Ideal for Construction, Marine, Automotive, and Aerospace Sectors:

Whether it’s for constructing durable building joints, crafting robust automotive components, securing marine equipment, or enhancing aerospace structures, Fixseal MSP15 stands out as the go-to adhesive and sealant. Its ability to bond a multitude of materials, coupled with its environmental safety features, positions it as a top choice for professionals in various industries.

Characteristic Specification
Base MS Polymer®
Consistency Stable Paste, 1.55 kg/m³
Curing System Moisture Cure
Skin Formation Approx. 15-30 min (23°C/ 50% R.H)
Tack Free Time Approx. 4 hours (23°C/ 50% R.H)
Curing Rate 3 mm/24hr (23°C/50% R.H)
Hardness 48 Shore A
Change In Volume <2%
Specific Gravity 1.55 kg/m³
Maximum Deformation ± 20%
Temperature Resistance (cured) -40°C to +100°C
Elastic Modulus 100% 1.1 N/mm² (ISO 37, DIN 53504)
Tensile Strength 2.2 N/mm² (ISO 37, DIN 53504)
Elongation At Break > 300% (ISO 37, DIN 53504)
Shear Strength >1.6 N/mm² (ISO 37, DIN 53504)














Application Details:

  • Method:
    • Manual or pneumatic caulking gun
  • Application Temperature:
    • +5°C to 35°C
  • Clean Up:
    • Methylated Spirits or industrial alcohol cleaner, to be used immediately after application and before curing
  • Tooling:
    • Mild diluted soapy solution (e.g., pH-neutral dishwashing liquid diluted in fresh clean water), apply before skin formation

Joint Dimension Specifications

  • Minimal Width:
    • Bonding: 2mm
    • Joint: 5mm
  • Maximum Width:
    • Bonding: 10mm
    • Joint: 30mm
  • Minimum Depth:
    • Joint: 5mm
  • Recommendation:
    • Width of joint = 2 times the depth


Barcode # Fix15
Brand FixTech
Shipping Weight 0.5100kg
Shipping Width 0.230m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.070m
Shipping Cubic 0.000805000m3

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