Power Conversion

Power is converted to either charge batteries or to supply power for system loads.

Inverters and Inverter/Chargers convert DC Power to AC Power so you can run your standard house appliances from your battery system.

Battery Chargers, transformers and power supplies convert AC power to DC power. Battery Chargers allow you to charge your batteries from shore/mains power, while transformers/power supplies allow you to run low voltage items from mains/shore power.

DC to DC Battery Chargers are Battery Chargers that gain there power from a DC Source such as your vehicle battery.

DC to DC Converters either provide a stabilized voltage for senstive equipment that doesnt like the voltage fluctuations a battery produces, or they have the ability to Step Up (Doublers) or Step Down (Reducers) battery voltage. i.e converting 24v down to 12v or converting 12v up to 24v

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