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Victron GX Product Range

GX products are Victron's state-of-the-art monitoring solution. The family consists of the different GX products, and their accessories.

The GX-device lies at the heart of the system - providing monitoring, and operating as the communication-centre of your installation. All the other system-components - such as inverter/chargers, solar chargers, and batteries - are connected to it. Monitoring can be carried out locally and remotely - via the free-to-use Victron Remote Management portal (VRM). The GX-device also provides Remote firmware updates and allows inverter/charger settings to be changed remotely.

The Victron GX Family consists of these models:

  • Ekrano GX - Victrons latest  GX product with integrated 7 inch touchscreen. The successor to the Color Control GX.
  • Cerbo GX - The most commonly used GX communication product, available with optional GX Touch 50 or GX Touch 70 display screen.
  • Cerbo GX-S - Lower cost version of the Cerbo GX but without BMS-Can port, Tank and Temperature monitoring inputs. Available with optional GX Touch 50 or GX Touch 70 display screen.
  • Color Control GX - Victrons first released GX product, the CCGX has a colour display and physical buttons.
  • Venus GX - The Venus GX has more analog and digital IO, no LCD and is more cost effective than the CCGX.
  • CANvu GX - The CANvu GX is best for harsh environments - when its IP67 rating and touch LCD is a must.

Lastly, there is a GX device built into our MultiPlus-II GX and EasySolar-II GX Inverter/chargers

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